55+ Small Group Classes

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No matter your current fitness level, our small group classes are designed to help you restore your movement, improve function, and increase strength. To help you do the things you want, need, or would like to do on a daily basis.

Train at:

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1221 Columbia Park Trail, Richland, WA 

What makes our class unique?

  • Group classes are notoriously bad at customizing each individual's approach to best suit their needs, and no population needs a personalized approach more than seniors.

  • Our program was fundamentally designed to allow anyone to join the class, and immediately begin making progress that is unique to them.

  • No matter when you begin, we start you where you're at now, and plan progress for you from there. 


Meet the Trainers

Both Hayley and Josh greatly appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to work with older adults to help them maintain (or regain) their strength and independence as they age.

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Josh became a Personal Trainer after leaving the Marine Corps in 2016. He has worked in various unique roles within the industry and has developed a great appreciation for showing seniors that lifting weights can be a positive and empowering force in their lives.

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Hayley became a Personal Trainer specifically to make a difference in seniors’ lives. She believes everyone deserves to learn about health and fitness in a supportive environment, and she brings her passion for exercise to every single training session with her clients.

What are the workouts like?

  • These group workouts are designed to help you build real-world strength, functional stability, and improve your mobility by combining elements from each into every session.

  • We design our programs to benefit people of all skill levels by progressively introducing exercises, establishing skills, and adhering to basic principles of human movement.

  • With our small group format, you get a great amount of individualization within each workout, while in a supportive group atmosphere.

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Mobility & Stability

Move easier and with more confidence!

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Overall Well-being

By building muscle, increasing bone density, and improving cardiovascular health.

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Building a foundation for whatever life throws at you.

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We believe...

that the strength that really matters isn't about how much weight you can lift. It is about how easily you are able to do things in your everyday life. How able you are to do the things you want to do. 

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Class Options:

Class sizes are limited to 5-6 people per session. You are able to choose your classes on a monthly basis. Once you have decided on your timeslot(s), the space will be reserved for you for the month!

*adjustments to your reserved schedule can be made as needed.

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$150/month & $200/month


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Is this the same as Personal Training?
Though our small group classes will be adapted to fit your unique needs, One on One Personal Training will always be the most individualized approach you can get when working with a fitness professional.
If I'm a beginner, will this class work for me?
Absolutely! Our classes are designed with a great amount of adaptability, within each workout as well as the program as a whole. Each class member will master movements and exercises at their own pace.

What kinds of exercises can I expect in the class?
Our workouts are based on fundamental human movements, things you do (or once did) everyday. Squatting, hinging, pulling, pushing, and other basic movements and useful skills such as carrying things, maintaining a strong core and stable spine while in unstable positions, and more. Many of the exercises we will do may be quite familiar to you already.
How many people are in each class?

We schedule up to 5 people per time-slot, with a 1-person buffer to allow some flexibility when necessary. Classes will have no more than 6 people.

Other Training Options:

If small group classes aren't for you, Josh and Hayley both offer the following training services. Both options can be equally effective, but which would work best for you will depend on personal preference, unique needs, and other factors. Click the button below to find out more training with LVL.

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1 On 1

1 on 1 Personal Training is the best option for people who need an completely individualized plan, along with expert supervision to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their efforts.

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Online Training

We get that sometimes you just need to know what to do. If this is you, we recommend online training. We deliver your custom training plan, and constant guidance and support to get you headed towards your goals.


Who is this for?
Some people need a hands-on approach. And others simply need to know what to do. No matter what level of supervision and guidance you need, one of our training options will work for you.
What are the benefits?

Appropriately applied resistance training can be expected to bring a host of health benefits. But perhaps just as importantly, our workouts are designed to help make your activities of daily living easier to handle. We know that the strength that really matters isn't about how much weight you can lift. It is about how easily you are able to do things in your everyday life. How able you are to do the things you want to do. 

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Peoples Fitness Journey

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Peoples Fitness Journey was started by Kathy Peoples with the goal of making fitness more accessible to people of all ages. Located conveniently in the Richland Wye, the gym is easily accessible to people from all over the Tri Cities.

Check out our podcast!

Join the growing number of Tri-Cities' seniors that are benefitting from training with LVL Health!