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Hayley collen

Are you wanting to lose weight without struggling through cardio and starving yourself in the kitchen?


Are you ready to reliably build muscle and strength without following social media influencers' complicated exercises and grueling workouts?

My training

I'm all about helping people work towards their health and fitness goals in a positive & sustainable way that doesn't require turning your whole life upside down.


We will start from where you're at now, and plan progress from there!


My Story

After spending years yoyo dieting and punishing myself with cardio, only to see the number on the scale constantly fluctuate up and down, I realized that getting my workouts and nutrition advice from YouTube and Instagram just wasn't going to cut it.


That started me down the path of learning about the principles of weight training and nutrition, eventually leading to me quitting my corporate job to become a personal trainer.

I’ve taken a special interest in learning to work with the senior population, as I feel this is a group that is hugely underserved, but could possibly benefit the most from getting some intentional movement in their day. I also truly enjoy working with female weight loss clients, as that is the same journey I was on for years.

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