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An online directory, community, and network of qualified professionals dedicated to changing the health and fitness industries for the better. 

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We check the credentials of every professional member and LVL Verified Pros have undergone a peer-reviewed screening process. 


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LVL is a place for you to connect with the people that need your help the most. 
Network with other like-minded professionals and find new resources to further your education, and your results.

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Be found by future clients or patients based on your experience, knowledge, expertise, and results - not just on your social media ability.

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What If...

The health & fitness industries were designed to promote professionals that were adding value?

And people found the right professionals, the first time?

LVL is fundamentally structured to achieve both.


For the Industries

For the Pros

For Consumers

The health & fitness industries each have their own unique set of ups and downs. Their professionals experience both shared obstacles and unique challenges.

Our mission is to help raise the standard in these industries and be a part of creating change that benefits everyone involved.

We help future clients and patients find you away the distracting popularity contest that is social media.

Every health & fitness pro appears in our searchable database. But only LVL Verified Pros have the ability to post content on their profile, and publish articles on the LVL blog.

Consumer accounts are 100% FREE!

For the average person, LVL is dedicated to helping you find the kind of health and fitness professional that can get you results. Based on what you need, where you need it, and who you think you might fit with best.


Stop getting burned by professionals that are more focused on making money, instead of adding value. Find professionals that are qualified.

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We created a platform designed to  promote qualified
health & fitness professional and helps connect them with the people that need them.

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Looking for a qualified health & fitness professional? Search our directory of qualified pros based on what you need, where you need it. We validate the credentials of every pro on our site, and our Verified Pros have undergone an extensive screening process.

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LVL is the first digital  community for health & fitness professionals AND consumers. One of our core values is to create an environment of encouragement and progress for everyone in these industries. We are committed to helping make this space better for everyone involved. 

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Developing a professional network can be an immensely valuable step for any health & fitness professional. LVL makes connecting with other like-minded professionals incredibly easy.  Start growing your network today!

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Physical Therapists

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We are asking experts in the health & fitness space a simple question:

How can your industry improve?

Listen to our show to find out their answers!

LVL Health is a directory, community, and network of qualified health and fitness professionals. We want to help create a space where clients and patients are able to find the right for them, and professional networks can develop across industries.

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“ I think it is very important to keep connections between people that have a similar mission - people who are collaborative in nature and are trying to achieve something in the community”. ​​

- Dr. Eric Helms

interview on LVL Health Podcast

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"LVL Health connects clients with practitioners who have skills, integrity, and a passion for helping people--traits that mean so much more than a big following on social media."

- Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro

Vitamin PhD Nutrition

"LVL Health has quite literally cleared the weeds for any person looking for a qualified professional to help them blaze their trail to health and fitness. I am proud to be affiliated with a solid company whose mission is built on values and integrity within this industry."

- Jessika Ramie 

Personal Trainer, Owner FYTE

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