Contributing to a healthier fitness space

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Traditionally, Personal Trainer directories haven't cared about whether or not they are pushing the industry in a positive direction. We're changing that narrative by making our impact the foundation of everything we do.

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Consumer Accounts 

Access our directory fitness professionals that follow evidence-based principles, have a passion for helping people, and can get you the results that you are looking for.
We validate the credentials of every professional member on our site, and our members don't pay to be promoted. LVL Verified Pros also undergo an additional, peer-reviewed screening process to ensure they are passionate, empathetic, and effective.

Site members get access to a growing number of discounts, exclusive member content, and other helpful resources. 


All members instantly gain access to our entire Exclusive Video Series library! 

LVL is kind of like the Angie's List of fitness professionals (If Angie cared about helping to create a healthier fitness space).

We organize collaborate projects with professionals across the health & fitness space, with the aim  spreading reliable, useful, and accurate information to the people that need it the most.
Once they've completed the peer-reviewed screening process, LVL Verified Pros can gain the ability to post content to their profile, and they are also granted authorship access on the main LVL Blog.

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Personal Trainers

We have all seen the problems in the industry...

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Wrong Focus
We saw an industry that is largely focused on novelty and popularity on social media.

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No pain, no gain?
Fitness shouldn't be a dreaded punishment. We believe trainers and coaches can empower people through fitness.

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Social Problems
Clients don't necessarily know how to find a good trainer, and this has led them to making decisions based off of social media.

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Control or Guide
The old, authoritarian ways are out. To make lasting changes with our clients, a more collaborative approach is likely to be more effective. we figured it was time to help shift momentum in a positive direction.

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We Spread the Word
We utilize paid ads, SEO, and other avenues to attract consumers to our website, resources, and of course, the awesome fitness professionals in our directory.

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How we are driving change
LVL Verified Pros undergo a peer-reviewed screening process which allows us to effectively promote professionals that are adding value, without creating more divisiveness in the industry.

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Connect & Collaborate
At LVL, we are constantly seeking new opportunities to collaborate with businesses and pros across the space. We believe this kind of environment is key to industry progress.

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We got into fitness to help people, not compete with algorithms on social media. 

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Help raise the standard in the industry and join a network of like-minded professionals

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Our unique design allows us to promote professionals that are adding value, without creating  even more divisiveness in the industry.

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What If...

...the fitness industry was designed to promote professionals that were actually adding value?

...and people found the right professional for them...

LVL is fundamentally structured to help achieve both.

Find a Pro

All site members get access to our directory of Personal Trainers. 

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For the Industry

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For Personal Trainers

For Consumers

Our mission is to help raise the standard in these industries and to be a part of creating momentum towards positive change that will benefit everyone involved.

We enable future clients and patients to find you - away the distracting popularity contest that currently exists on social media.

Every qualified fitness pro has the ability to create a profile that will appear in our searchable database. 

For the non-pros, LVL is dedicated to helping you find the Personal Trainer that can get you results. 

Stop getting burned by professionals that are more focused on making money instead of adding value. Find pros that are qualified and dedicated to making a difference!

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We created a platform designed to promote qualified
fitness professionals and help connect them with the people that need them the most.

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Looking for a qualified personal trainerBrowse our directory of qualified pros. We validate the credentials of every trainer on our site. Verified Pros have undergone a peer-reviewed screening process.

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LVL is the first digital community for fitness professionals AND their clients. One of our core values is to create an environment of development and progress for everyone in the industry.

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Establishing a robust professional network can be an immensely valuable step for any fitness pro. LVL makes connecting with other like-minded pros much easier.  Start growing your network today! 

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Working to improve the industry

We have worked with LVL Pros on projects like:

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How to get a profile listed in the LVL Health directory

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Membership Options
for Personal Trainers

We advertise to help create awareness

We direct a large portion of our monthly budget directly into digital marketing & advertising. Our objective is both to reach consumers that have shown interest in connecting with fitness professionals, and also to help grow the LVL mission overall. 

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Member Resources

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We've made it our priority to provide our members with access to informational content, as well helpful discounts and deals. 

Custom User Profiles

*Basic & Verified Pros only

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LVL Health is a directory, community, and network of qualified fitness professionals. We want to help create a space where clients  are able to find the right trainer for them, and professional networks can develop within the industry.