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Personal Training

Hayley Collen & Josh Lewis

Simple, sustainable, and effective personal training in the Tri-Cities, Washington.


Hayley Collen

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

In-Home Personal Training

Advanced Age

Resistance Training

Weight Loss & Maintenance

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We start where you are,

and plan progress from there.

Joshua Lewis

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Weight Loss & Maintenance

Resistance Training

Hypertrophy/Muscle Building

Sustainable Approach

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Our Personal Training 

We are passionate about fitness and helping people. In pursuing that drive, we have developed a robust technical understanding of various aspects of health and fitness. But more importantly, we have taken the time to learn how to actually apply that understanding to real people, living real lives. 

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Personal Training

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Resistance Training

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Weight Loss & Maintenance

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Corrective Exercise

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Behavior Change

In-Person sessions take place at Peoples Fitness Journey 


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What Our Clients Say


Sharon Inscore

Hayley and Josh have coordinated my training so I won’t miss a beat. I’m female, 76, out of shape, have muscle loss and back and rotator cuff issues. The training so far has been fairly easy but effective. I look forward to each session and am seeing progress already.

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