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An online directory, community, and network of qualified professionals dedicated to changing the health and fitness industries for the better. 

Connect with the people that need your help the most. 


Post your videos, blogs, and content (verified pros only).


Find new resources to further your education, and results.

Find clients or patients based on your skill, knowledge, and results - not just on your social media ability.

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Find health & fitness professionals

that know what they are doing, and can get you the results you are looking for based on your requirements.


We verify the credentials of every professional member. 


Search our professionals database, browse content and read articles written by LVL verified pros, get contact info.


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The health, wellness, and fitness industries each have their own unique set of ups and downs. And their professionals each experience both shared obstacles and unique challenges.

Our mission is to help raise the standard in these industries and create change that benefits everyone involved.

We help you find your future clients and patients without the distractions and shortcomings of social media. 

Every health & fitness pro appears in our searchable database. But only verified members have the ability to post videos, blogs, and pictures to their profile. 

Consumer Accounts

Are 100% FREE!

For the future clients and patients, we help you find the kind of health and fitness professional that you can believe in. Based on what you need, where you need it, and who you might fit with best.


We do the groundwork for you by verifying credentials,  and even enlisting the help of industry experts to approve verified professionals.   

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We created a platform designed to  promote qualified

health & fitness professional and helps connect them with the people that need them.

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