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Contributing to a healthier fitness space

Whether you're a fitness professional that is fed up with the industry status quo, or a consumer seeking access to a growing list of some of the best trainers & coaches in the space, LVL is for you.

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  • Network with like-minded professionals.

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Not a Pro

  • Search our directory of exceptional trainers & coaches.

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For Fitness Pros

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LVL is kind of like the Angie's List of fitness professionals (if Angie cared about using her impact to help create a healthier future for the fitness space).

We collaborate with professionals from across the health & fitness space on podcasts, social media content, and more. Overall, the objective of our network is to spread reliable, useful, and accurate information to the people that need it the most.
Once they've completed the peer-reviewed screening process, LVL Verified Pros gain the ability to post content to their listing, and they are also granted authorship access on the main LVL blog.


Who LVL isn't for...

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Wrong Focus

Fitness professionals who are more worried about counting likes, comments, and follows than actually helping people.

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No pain, no gain

Trainers and coaches who turn exercise into an unnecessarily miserable experience, and leave their clients worse off than when they started.

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Pros that use an outdated, authoritative approach, which has been shown to simply not be an effective way to create lasting changes.

Instead, we seek to fill our directory with trainers and coaches who empower people through fitness!

LVL Trainer Directory

Traditionally, directories for personal trainers and coaches didn't have to care about whether or not they were helping to move the industry in a positive direction. We're changing that narrative by making our impact the foundation of everything we do.

What If...

...the fitness industry was designed to promote professionals who were actually focused on making a positive impact in peoples' lives?

...and social media algorithms weren't the only way for people to find trainers and coaches.

LVL is fundamentally structured to help achieve both.

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Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro

LVL Collaborator, Lifestyle Coach & Science Communicator

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