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Joshua Lewis

I specialize in helping busy people get stronger, lose body fat, and improve their overall health & well-being.


Your path to fitness will be unique, but there are principles that can guide your decisions along the way. 


By following these principles, we can make the process as pain-free and straightforward as possible!

Personal Training  -  55+ Small Group  -  Online Training

Helping everyday people build muscle and get stronger in various aspects of life has always been fulfilling to me.


I prefer to work with clients who want to achieve their fitness goals, but also understand that getting there, and staying there, are two different things.

I'm here to help make sure you can stay there.

My Story

I have been in love with fitness for as long as I can remember. Though admittedly my relationship with training and nutrition wasn't always as healthy as it is now, I know I will be lifting weights for as long as I possibly can.

For more than a decade I obsessed over my diet. Never missed a workout, quite often they were two-a-days. Bought every supplement I was told I needed. But it never seemed that the results matched the effort.

Fortunately, as I was getting out of the Marine Corps I decided to become a  Personal Trainer. This led me to a long road of self-education, as well as personal and professional development.

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