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LVL is on a mission to help change the fitness industry for the better. To do this, we are working with fitness professionals, organizations, and facilities to expand our reach, promote professionals that are adding value, and help shift industry momentum in a positive direction.

Gym Equipment

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Gyms & Fitness Facilities

LVL Health quickly and easily onboards your entire training team, and each member gets their own profile to be displayed in our directory. We then create local search engine marketing to help draw the attention of fitness consumers in your designated area of interest. 


Collaborate with us

Work with us on a podcast episodes, our Exclusive Video Series and Member Library, and more!


Offer discounts or other resources

We are always looking to provide our members with access to discounts and other trusted resources in order to help them further their personal and professional development. 


Be a peer-reviewer

LVL Verified Pros get screened by peer-reviewers as part of their onboarding process. We are currently only processing requests to become a Verified Pro on a quarterly basis. Send Josh an email if you would like to get involved as a reviewer!


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LVL Affiliates

We only accept affiliate requests from organizations and businesses that embody values aligned with our own. Fill out the short form and let us know why you think we would be a good fit!


LVL Health is on a mission to help change the health & fitness industries for the better by creating a directory, community, and network of qualified professionals that are on the same path of constantly learning and growing. We are working towards a future where people are able to find the right professionals to help them achieve their goals, thereby fulfilling our deepest “why” of doing our part to eliminate suffering in the world.