is LVL Health?

LVL Is an online directory, community, and network of qualified health & fitness professionals. 

Our Mission

is to help change the health & fitness industries for the better by promoting professionals that are adding value to their clients or patients lives - not just whoever has the most likes and follows.

We are disrupting the health & fitness industries.

Well actually, we are just joining in.

Fitness, health, and wellness have become increasingly virtual industries. While many careers may never fully take place in a digital setting, it is clear that the future landscape of these industries will be significantly different.

This means businesses must begin adapting now, if they aren't already. What successfully adapting will require may vary widely, but a thriving online presence is certainly an absolute minimum.

4,000 health and fitness pros identified online training as the new top trend (#1) in fitness for 2021.

(Annual survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine)

"The future is a blend of digital and physical. "


(Jason LaRose, CEO of Equinox Media)

LVL's primary function is to help create accountability and forward progress in the health & fitness industries.

Personal Trainers
Physique Coaches
Physical Therapists
Wellness Coaches
Strength Coaches
+ more coming soon!

For health & fitness professionals, LVL represents an opportunity to both connect with clients or patients away from social media and network with other like-minded professionals.

Though we are not designed to be a lead-gen machine, potential clients or patients are able to find professionals based on what they need, and when they need it.


Health & Fitness Pros

LVL Verified Pros are among the best at what they do. Their Verified status has been reviewed by our expert partners to confirm that they are knowledgeable, effective, and adding value.

Utilize our blog and member forum to ask questions, learn some answers, and make more informed decisions.

Clients &


Find a health & fitness professional that can actually get you the results that you are looking for, based on what you need, when you need it, and won't leave you worse off than when you started.

Even our Basic Pros have their professional credentials checked before creating an account.

Health & Fitness Industries

Finally, there is a platform that rewards health & fitness pros for actually adding value to their industry.


By helping these pros rise to the top, we create forward progress that benefits everyone involved. Lets raise the standard.


Social media isn't designed to promote professionals that are focused on helping people. 

LVL is.

(2) Unique Professional Membership Options

(2) Unique Membership Options

*Verified Professionals applicants are required to undergo a screening process reviewed by industry experts.


  • LVL profile in searchable database.

  • Help shift the momentum away from competing for clients and patients on social media.

  • Stay ahead in evolving industries and an increasingly digital world.

Normal Pricing   $9.99/month

Special Pricing $4.99/month


  • Advanced profile with unique features and access.

  • Verified designation displayed throughout site.

  • Stand out while staying ahead. Verified Pros are leaders in their industries.

Normal Pricing   $19.99/month

Special Pricing $14.99/month

How will YOUR organization benefit?

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Greater Digital Exposure

The future will be increasingly online. Start curating a wider and more diverse digital footprint - now.

Drive Traffic to

Your Site


Each professional profile creates multiple organic link opportunities for your business.

LVL Advertises Too

We advertise and incentivize on various platforms to draw potential clients & patients to the professionals

on our LVL site. 


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