Want to stand out as our industry evolves?

Our directory was intentionally designed to allow Verified Pros to be highlighted. Instead of drawing attention based on the number of likes, comments, or followers they have, Verified Pros can stand out as someone who consumers can trust. With an enhanced listing & profile, and author access on the LVL blog, these pros can expand their digital footprint.

Join the waiting list for the first Verified Pro screening in early 2023. We are limiting the amount of pros allowed to join the list in the initial round, so if you are interested in becoming one of the first LVL Verified Pros, sign up soon!

What Verified Means

LVL Verified Pros are more than just technically knowledgeable, empathetic, and effective. Our two-step, peer-reviewed screening process is designed to find pros that put their clients first, strive to improve their skills and abilities, and actually better the lives of people they work with.

But this isn't just our opinion, each and every aspect of this process has been reviewed and revised by experts ranging from renowned bodybuilding coaches and personal trainers, to researchers, professors, and more. 

How to Become Verified

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Benefits for Pros

Once you've made it through the screening process, you will gain access to an enhanced profile listing in our directory, with the ability to post content, as well as a Verified designation. Verified Pros are also granted authorship access to the LVL blog, allowing you to publish even more content on our site to expand your digital footprint and create massive amounts of valuable search-engine juice for your personal or business website(s).

But perhaps most important of all, potential clients know they can trust your skills and abilities immediately based upon your Verified status.

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Displayed in LVL directory

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  • Bio

  • Location

  • Back-link 🔗

  • Services 

  • Credentials

  • Contact info

  • + more

  • Additional profile customization  (Verified only!)

  • Post content to your profile  (Verified only!)

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Publish Your Content

As a Verified Pro, you gain authorship access to the main LVL blog. This allows you to not only share your knowledge and publish your articles, but also to produce valuable content, back-links, and SEO juice that will help drive users to your website(s).