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Train With Hayley

I'm all about helping people work towards their health and fitness goals in a positive & sustainable way that doesn't require turning your whole life upside down.

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In-home training (in Tri-cities area)

1 to 2 people -  individualized approach - at your doorstep

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Online Training


Custom training plan & guidance - app-based for your convenience 


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Want to lose weight without struggling through cardio and starving yourself in the kitchen?

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Interested in building muscle and strength without following social media influencers' complicated exercises and grueling workouts?

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We will start from where you're at now and plan progress from there!


I’ve taken a special interest in learning to work with the senior population, as I feel this is a group that is hugely underserved, but could possibly benefit the most from getting in some intentional movement in their day. I also truly enjoy working with female weight loss clients, as that is the same journey I was on for years.

My "Why"

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My passion is helping people sustainably achieve their fitness goals without killing themselves in the gym everyday and depriving themselves in the kitchen.

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After spending years yoyo dieting and punishing myself with cardio, only to see the number on the scale constantly fluctuate up and down, I realized that getting my workouts and nutrition advice from YouTube and Instagram just wasn't going to cut it.

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That started me down the path of learning about the principles of weight training and nutrition, eventually leading to me quitting my corporate job to become a personal trainer.

Personal training for real people, living actual lives.​

Online Training


Custom training plan & individualized guidance - programs delivered on app for convenience 

Tier 1:     $150/month

Customized training plans, nutrition guidance, messenger support.

Tier 2:     $200/month

Customized training plans, nutrition guidance, messenger support, bi-weekly video check-ins

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Train With Josh

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Helping everyday people build muscle and get stronger is my specialty. But over time I have narrowed my focus to working primarily with busy fathers and businessmen.

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I firmly believe that fitness shouldn't be a punishment and that you don't have to suffer to see results. You might decide to do this fitness thing forever, so let's make sure you enjoy the process!

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I always like to start with a video (or phone) consultation to learn more about you. From there we can start planning your unique approach!

My "Why"

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I have been in love with fitness for as long as I can remember. Though admittedly my relationship with training and nutrition wasn't always as healthy as it is now, I know I will be lifting weights for as long as I possibly can.

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For than a decade I obsessed over my diet. Never missed a workout, quite often they were two-a-days. Bought every supplement I was told I needed. But it never seemed that the results matched the effort.

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Fortunately, as I was getting out of the Marine Corps I decided to become a  Personal Trainer. This led me to a long road of self-education, personal and professional development, and eventually, forming LVL to help change the industry for the bettter.


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Cliff Woods

I was 50 years old, working 60 hours a week, and had started full-time college. I was exhausted and tremendously out of shape. I had not been to the gym for 20 plus years and I needed a change of lifestyle and Josh Lewis was that change for me. 

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Jason Blakefield

I started this journey with Josh after my wife Shelly started with Josh in May of 2020. I saw the results she was getting, so she suggested I try with him, however I needed to let go of everything we thought we new. Josh has a way of communicating to you that is like no other, he literally speaks to the ability of letting you enjoy your workout. I started at 287 lbs. with Josh, I made it down to 241, and now I am in the process of bulking.

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