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There are a lot of reasons that you might want the ability to objectively screen fitness professionals...

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Certifying authorities or credentialing institutions seeking become more efficient or effective.

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Gyms and franchises that want to ensure their fitness pros are exceeding current industry standards.



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Insurance providers and wellness programs looking to improve their efficacy and increase ROI.

Our screening process provides an added layer of accountability and rigor, ensuring that we can help elevate the entire industry and earn a more respected seat at the table of health and fitness professionals. It is our hope that this process will become the norm in the fitness industry, leading to a higher standard of care for clients and a greater level of respect and recognition for fitness professionals.

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Gatekeeper Technical Knowledge Assessment

Multiple-choice assessment designed to demonstrate your understanding of the following:

  • Training Principles 

  • General Recommendations for Exercise & Nutrition

  • Communication Skills

  • Behavior Change

  • + more!

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Video Prompt

Video prompt submissions to gain a clearer picture of your soft skills and abilities in areas like:

  • Programming Practical Application

  • Assessment Process

  • Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

  • + more!

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Why Secondary Verification?

Ensuring high standards

A peer-reviewed screening process can help ensure that only the most qualified and knowledgeable fitness professionals can become LVL Verified. By using our peer-reviewed screening process, you can help ensure that your fitness professionals don't just meet, but exceed industry standards.

Objective evaluation

LVL peer-reviewed screening is designed to be as objective of an evaluations of an individual's knowledge and skills as is possible. This design is to help minimize the potential for bias or subjectivity in the verification process, providing a fair and impartial evaluation of fitness pros.

Increased credibility

By using a peer-reviewed screening process, you can increase the credibility of your certification or organization. A peer-reviewed process is seen as more rigorous and reliable than other methods of evaluation, which can help increase the confidence of potential clients in the professionals who have completed your program, or who you have hired.

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