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LVL Health?

We are an online directory, community, and network of qualified Personal Trainers. 

How will YOUR organization benefit?

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Greater Digital Exposure

The future will be increasingly online. Start gaining your organization a wider and more diverse foothold in a simple and sustainable way.

Drive Traffic Your Way


Create a significant number of backlinks for your business while expanding the digital footprint of each fitness professional in your organization.

We advertise

We advertise on various platforms (details discussed during initial call) to draw potential clients to the trainers and other resources on LVL site. 

Each member represents a minimum of one back-link opportunity.







It's no secret the fitness space is becoming increasingly virtual. While many careers may (hopefully) never fully take place in a digital setting, it is clear that the future landscape of this industry will be significantly different than it has been in the past. 

What successfully adapting will require may vary widely, but a thriving and diverse online presence is certainly an absolute minimum. 

LVL is here to help steer this industry momentum in a direction that is positive and productive for everyone involved!

4,000 health and fitness pros identified online training as the new top trend (#1) in fitness for 2021.

(Annual survey conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine)

"The future is a blend of digital and physical. "


(Jason LaRose, CEO of Equinox Media)

Two levels of membership



  • LVL profile in searchable database.

  • Help shift the momentum away from competing for clients on social media.

  • Stay ahead in an evolving and  increasingly digital industry.

  • Advanced profile with unique features and access.

  • Verified designation displayed throughout site.

  • Stand out while staying ahead. 



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Our Mission

is to help change the health & fitness industries for the better by promoting professionals that are adding value to their clients' or patients' lives - not just whoever has the most likes and follows.

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