Frequently Asked Questions

LVL is sort of the first of its kind. We are a directory. And a community. And also a network.  See our list of frequently asked questions!

Who can be a LVL Pro? Any fitness professional with credentials is eligible to have a listing on LVL. Basic Pros need only to submit their relevant credentials upon creating their profile. 

Can clients be members? Clients are who we designed LVL to benefit the most. We want to help make sure you find the right Personal Trainer, Physique Coach, or Strength Coach for you. 

Who does LVL benefit? Both clients and trainers can benefit from getting on LVL Health! 

Is LVL a lead-gen machine? First and foremost, LVL is designed to raise the standard in the fitness industry. Though we do advertise for clients through various channels, we do not promise any specific results from that exposure. 

Does LVL advertise? LVL utilizes search engine marketing to help draw potential clients to our site. We are constantly working to improve our approach and partner with like-minded organizations to enhance our results. 

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