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We know...the fitness industry hasn't been doing a great job of actually improving peoples' lives. We're creating a space that promotes professionals for having a positive impact, not for having a ton of followers. 

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Once you set up your free account, you will get access our directory of fitness professionals that follow evidence-based principles, have a passion for helping people, and can get you the results that you are looking for.

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Have you gotten sick and tired of following the latest social media fads, and you want fitness information you can trust?

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Maybe you've gotten burned by trainers in the past, and you're seeking one that you can actually trust to get you results?

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Or you're just looking to hire a fitness pro and due to the vast sea of options, you understandably don't know where to start?

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We double-check the credentials of every professional listed in our directory, and our members don't pay us in exchange for our promotion. LVL Verified Pros also undergo an additional, peer-reviewed screening process to ensure they are passionate, empathetic, and effective.

Site members also get access to a growing number of discounts, exclusive member content, and other helpful resources. 

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ways that we are making the fitness space better for consumers: 

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1. We're designed to promote passionate, empathetic, and effective fitness professionals.

The fitness industry currently isn't designed to promote trainers and coaches for placing the people they work with above everything else. Instead, those with a large social media following, and even larger promises are seen at the forefront of the space. As a way to counter this momentum, our LVL Verified Pros undergo a peer-reviewed screening process aimed at identifying exceptional fitness professionals.

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The right trainer or coach can change your life significantly. And the wrong one can impact your life drastically as well, just not in a good way. The professionals on LVL are all on a similar path, but our Verified Pros have undergone an additional screening process designed to find the most passionate, empathetic, and effective trainers & coaches out there.

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2. By bringing you reliable health & fitness content and industry experts

With a seemingly endless amount of information and opinions in the health & fitness space, we have come to realize the importance of having trusted sources you can count on. Often this doesn't mean whoever has the most followers on social media. In fact, many times it is just the opposite. We have made it a fundamental objective of ours to provide you with reliable, and useful fitness information, as well as connect members of our community with experts from across multiple industries. 

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3. We're changing the status quo in the fitness space

We understand that the fitness industry is still maturing, and with that comes a lot of growing pains. But like so many other trainers & coaches across this space, we felt a deep sense of responsibility to ensure we leave it better than we found it. Our vision is to create a place where consumers can be 100% sure they are finding a fitness professional that can safely, and effectively get them the results they are looking for.

LVL Health is on a mission to help change the health & fitness industries for the better by creating a directory, community, and network of qualified professionals that are on the same path of constantly learning and growing. We are working towards a future where people are able to find the right professionals to help them achieve their goals, thereby fulfilling our deepest “why” of doing our part to eliminate suffering in the world.