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We are changing the health & fitness industries.

We are on a mission to help change the health & fitness industries for the better by building a directory, community, and network of qualified professionals.


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“ I think it is very important to keep connections between people that have a similar mission - people who are collaborative in nature and are trying to achieve something in the community”. ​​

- Dr. Eric Helms, interview on

 LVL Health Podcast

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"LVL Health connects clients with practitioners who have skills, integrity, and a passion for helping people--traits that mean so much more than a big following on social media."

- Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro

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"LVL Health has quite literally cleared the weeds for any person looking for a qualified professional to help them blaze their trail to health and fitness. I am proud to be affiliated with a solid company whose mission is built on values and integrity within this industry."

- Jessika Ramie 

Personal Trainer, Owner FYTE