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How you can get involved

LVL is a directory, community, and network of fitness professionals, and we're dedicated to creating a healthier fitness space.

Fitness consumers

personal training client or fitness consumer

Once you've set up your free fitness consumer account on LVL, you gain access to our growing list of amazing fitness professionals, as well other exclusive resources, discounts, and more!

Fitness professionals

Personal trainer with a fitness consumer

Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches, and other fitness professionals can set up a free listing in our directory. This not only increases your digital footprint, but also gains you access to an expanding network of like-minded professionals.

High Fives

Collab with us 

To help us get more good info out there

Work with us on podcast episodes, social media content, our Exclusive Video Series/Member Video Library, and more!

gyms and fitness facilities

Gyms & fitness facilities

Expand your footprint & join a growing network

Easily get your entire training team set up with profiles on LVL. Each member gets their own profile to be displayed in our directory, and every profile also creates backlink opportunities for your webpage.

discounts and deals for LVL members

Offer discounts or other resources

Who doesn't love discounts & deals?

We are always looking to provide our members with access to discounts on useful resources in order to help them further their personal and professional development. As a matter of principle we do not affiliate ourselves with supplement companies or related businesses.

peer reviewers for our verified screening process

Be a peer-reviewer

Help us screen our Verified Pros

LVL Verified Pros get screened by peer-reviewers as part of their onboarding process. We are currently only processing requests to become a Verified Pro on a quarterly basis. Send Josh an email if you would like to get involved as a reviewer!

LVL affiliates handshake

LVL affiliates

Offer useful resources & tools

We only accept affiliate requests from organizations and businesses that embody values aligned with our own. And often only if we have personally used their resources of products. As a matter of principle we do not affiliate ourselves with supplement companies or related businesses.

LVL Health is on a mission to help change the health & fitness industries for the better by creating a directory, community, and network of qualified professionals that are on the same path of constantly learning and growing. We are working towards a future where people are able to find the right professionals to help them achieve their goals, thereby fulfilling our deepest “why” of doing our part to eliminate suffering in the world.

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