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LVL Trainer Directory

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Get listed in our directory of trainers & coaches. 

Traditionally, directories for personal trainers and coaches didn't have to care about whether or not they were helping to move the industry in a positive direction. We're changing that narrative by making our impact the foundation of everything we do.

Step 1:
Set Up Your Membership

  • Basic Pro

    LVL Membership
    Free Plan
    • LVL access + profile listed in directory!
    • Exclusive video library for site members.
    • Member-only discounts & other resources.

Every membership on LVL is always completely free. If you're a fitness professional that wants to have a listing posted in the LVL directory, make sure to choose Basic or Verified (Verified option coming soon!).

More info on LVL Verification Process

Step 2:
Set Up Your Custom Listing

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List of Personal Trainers & Coaches

Display info like your specialties, credentials, location, services, links, and more!

Once you've set up your initial account information and membership, you can then fill out the information to be listed on your public profile. This list of personal trainers and coaches is where we drive consumer traffic via email marketing, SEO, and other avenues. 

Step 3:
Wait For Us To Activate Your Profile

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Once you've submitted your information, as well as PDF versions of your credentials, LVL staff will confirm them with the certifying authorities' database(s) and activate your profile. 

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