We are a directory, community, and network of qualified fitness professionals.

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We got into fitness to help people, not compete with algorithms on social media. 

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Help raise the standard in the industry and join a network of like-minded professionals

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Our unique design allows us to promote professionals that are adding value, without creating  even more divisiveness in the industry.

LVL membership options and benefits:

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We have all seen the problems in the industry...

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Wrong Focus

We saw an industry that is largely focused on novelty and popularity on social media.

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No pain, no gain?

Fitness shouldn't be a dreaded punishment. We believe trainers and coaches can empower people through fitness.

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Social Problems
Clients don't necessarily know how to find a good trainer, and this leads them to making decisions based off of social media.

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Control < Guide
The old, authoritarian ways are out. To make lasting changes with our clients, a more collaborative approach is likely to be  more effective.

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What If...

...the industry was designed to promote trainers and coaches that were actually adding value?

...and consumers found professionals that empowered them through fitness?

LVL is fundamentally structured to help achieve both.

How we are helping to change the industry for the better:

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We Spread the Word

We utilize paid ads, SEO, and other avenues to attract consumers to our website, resources, and of course, the awesome fitness professionals in our directory.

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How we are driving change

LVL Verified Pros undergo a peer-reviewed screening process which allows us to effectively promote professionals that are adding value, without creating more divisiveness in the industry.

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Connect & Collaborate

At LVL, we are constantly seeking new opportunities to collaborate with businesses and pros across the space. We believe this kind of environment is key to industry progress.

Here is just some of what you can find on LVL:


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for LVL Pros

Collab with us!
We work with pros from across the industry on projects like:

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"I've had a great experience with Josh and the crew at LVL Health and Fitness. Josh asks some really great questions and assigns ideal topics to tease out so it doesn't feel like a repetitive or mundane task in any way, but rather an exciting project to be a part of and get involved in. Josh has created a very engaging community and it's so much fun to interact with everyone in the LVL circle. If you are considering working with Josh, I would highly recommend it!"

- Gar Benn

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"In the time where honesty and integrity inside the fitness sphere is more of a rare occasion than a
professional norm, the guys from LVL health have made the clear mission to raise the bar inside the
industry in order to make the whole space much healthier for both – fitness professionals and their clients."

- Milos Rankovic 

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What are people saying about LVL?

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“ I think it is very important to keep connections between people that have a similar mission - people who are collaborative in nature and are trying to achieve something in the community”. 

- Dr. Eric Helms, LVL Health Podcast

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"LVL Health connects clients with practitioners who have skills, integrity, and a passion for helping people--traits that mean so much more than a big following on social media."

- Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro

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"LVL Health has quite literally cleared the weeds for any person looking for a qualified professional to help them blaze their trail to health and fitness. I am proud to be affiliated with a solid company whose mission is built on values and integrity within this industry."

- Jessika Ramie