Before LVL, directories that were designed for personal trainers and other fitness professionals didn't have to care about whether or not they were helping to move the industry in a positive direction.

We're changing that narrative by making our impact the foundation of everything we do.

The future of fitness directories

Why LVL is different

Instead of following suit with existing directories for personal trainers & coaches, LVL was created to help shift industry momentum towards promoting professionals for the positive impact they are having in peoples' lives.

At LVL we believe that as fitness pros, we have an awesome ability to help change peoples' lives for the better.


Unfortunately, the industry focus has largely been pulled away from the people, and pushed towards whatever might yield the most likes, follows, comments, and views.

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LVL was founded by two Personal Trainers who believed in something pretty simple...

Our industry can do a better job of actually helping people.

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Prioritizing progress and people over profit. 

Promoting fitness professionals that are adding value to their clients' lives.

Creating a community where we work together instead of compete.

For Fitness Consumers

Use LVL to find fitness professionals away from the distractions of social  media. Rest assured the personal trainers and coaches in our directory are credentialed, and our Verified Pros have earned our full endorsement.

For Fitness Pros

Our mission is to help change the  fitness industry for the better by creating a directory, community, and network of qualified professionals. 

LVL is designed to promote trainers that are adding value to the lives of the people they work with, as well as their industry. 

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Unlike other fitness directories

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a LVL Pro? Any fitness professional with credentials is eligible to have a listing on LVL. Basic Pros need only to submit their relevant credentials upon creating their profile. 

Can clients be members? Clients are who we designed LVL to benefit the most. We want to help make sure you find the right Personal Trainer, Physique Coach, or Strength Coach for you. 

Who does LVL benefit? Both clients and trainers can benefit from getting on LVL Health! 

Is LVL a lead-gen machine? First and foremost, LVL is designed to raise the standard in the fitness industry. Though we do advertise for clients through various channels, we do not promise any specific results from that exposure. 

Does LVL advertise? LVL utilizes search engine marketing to help draw potential clients to our site. We are constantly working to improve our approach and partner with like-minded organizations to enhance our results. 

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LVL Health is dedicated to...

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Looking for a qualified Personal Trainer? Browse our directory of pros. We validate the credentials of every pro on our site, and our Verified Pros have undergone an extensive screening process to earn our full endorsement.

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LVL is the first digital  community for fitness professionals AND consumers. One of our core values is to create an environment of development and progress for everyone in these industries. 

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Establishing a robust professional network can be an immensely valuable step for any fitness professional. LVL makes connecting with other like-minded pros incredibly easy.  Start growing your professional network today!

Mission Statement

LVL Health is on a mission to help change the health & fitness industries for the better by creating a directory, community, and network of qualified professionals that are on the same path of constantly learning and growing. We are working towards a future where people are able to find the right professionals to help them achieve their goals, thereby fulfilling our deepest “why” of doing our part to eliminate suffering in the world.